On the Shoulders of Giants

by Brian SperonelloIcon


This blog is a tool to help me make sense of my views and beliefs. Writing them down forces me to articulate them, allows others to challenge them, and in the end allows me to share the concepts I've found most helpful with others. But because my views are largely shaped by the amazing people who influence and inspire me, I'm always just standing on the shoulders of giants.

About the Author: Brian Speronello

I want to spend my time on meaningful work that I enjoy. As Seth Godin says in his book Tribes "You don't have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre."

What I like about marketing is that it's about understanding and connecting with other people. You have to grasp their psychology, behavior, and identity; and then after trying to understand and relate with them you do your best to communicate in a way that resonates. Doing this well requires artistry and creativity, which appeals to me. Being a musician and going to art school (Tisch at NYU) probably plays a big part in that.

I grew up in rural New Jersey, went to college in New York City, and that's where I live now. Outside of marketing and the other things I write about here, I also played ice hockey in college and continue to play now. Coming from NJ, I'm a big Devils fan.

I'm also interested in health, fitness, nutrition, and music. I studied recording and production in college, have been playing one instrument or another since 3rd grade, and the greatest album ever recorded is Seasons by Sevendust. That's a hint that I'm mostly a rock and metal kind of guy, but I listen to everything from ambient minimalist composers to Toby Keith.